Lead Climbing

Push yourself mentally and physically by learning to lead climb in New Zealand’s premier (and most scenic) sport climbing venue.

This course teaches the essentials for leading bolted sport routes. It is also a must do for people who had a friend teach them but want to check they have good and safe techniques.

We keep our ratios small (1:4 max), so the course is tailored to you and our instructors always check what you already know (of course you may not have any lead climbing knowledge). Don’t worry if you don’t have any equipment, we provide all equipment necessary, you are welcome to use your own if you have some.

This course covers;

  • Belaying
  • Quickdraw/runner placement – how to correctly place the quickdraw on your harness and the rock.
  • Clipping methods – efficient ways of clipping the rope into the quickdraw
  • Safety considerations – when to clip, spotting, rope management, buddy checks

We also offer an advanced lead climbing course, where your prior skills are acknowledged and built on including safe rope changeovers and self protected abseiling.

Lead Climbing in Wanaka, Otago

Other Outdoor Climbing Options

  • Introduction To Rock Climbing

    The ‘introduction to rock climbing’ is our most popular trip, you get the opportunity to experience outdoor rock climbing in a safe and fun way, focusing on maximum time actually climbing, whilst learning safe practices and good technique along the way. It is ideal for those who have never climbed before, or only on an indoor wall.

  • Abseiling

    Experience the thrill of stepping off a cliff edge into space… under the control of a safety rope of course!

  • Guided Climbing and Private Trips

    This is the trip YOU want, because its custom designed especially for you. Weather you want to experience the best of Wanaka rock, would rather a personal guide or if you are an experienced climber but didn’t bring a climbing partner or your gear with you. Our team will be happy to show you the best routes suited to your ability and objectives.

  • Multi Pitch

    A true climbing journey, for some of us its not enough to climb just one rope length up, we want to go further.

  • Trad Climbing

    Ever wondered about climbing where there are no bolts? The answer is Trad Climbing.